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Our invitation is open to everyone, from any church, denomination, or no church background.

Faith & Friendship

We meet together weekly in smaller settings to share food, faith and friendship.

In Person Gatherings

We gather together each month in the Laughing Lama Coffee Shop in Acomb, York, YO24 3BJ. Click button below to see our dates for this year.

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Digital Community

We keep an online diary of our faith journey and things we learn along the way.

About Us

We're a spiritual community that cultivates love.

  • Spirituality that grows love is the goal [Matt 22:35-40]
  • Our commitment is following Jesus and His holy practices [Matt 6:9-13]
  • Our context for faith is to share spiritual life and love in our friendships and everyday life
  • Our community is built on biblical values
  • Our hope is for a community that collaborates rather than conforms
The same, but different

What is a spiritual community?

The words most people are familiar with are Christian and Church. So why not use them? We felt in our Christian lives and experience of church, despite doing a lot of good, we had drifted into what became to us modern religion. We are trying to journey towards what matters most to God, the lifestyle of Jesus and the original values and practices of the early Jesus following communities.

For this stage of the journey we feel it’s a more helpful articulation to say we are a followers of Jesus, which is a daily choice, with cultivating love and spiritual life being the evidence.

Instead of calling ourselves a church, with all the expectations that go with that, we wanted to focus on relationships, so we chose a spiritual community. The aim of that community being to focus on cultivating love through spiritual connection with God and others.

All of this is a much bigger conversation than a page of website text, so if you want to talk about it drop us a message.

Who We Are

Pete & Erin Gardner.

We both grew up in York, meeting and marrying here. We recently moved back and we are now looking forward to the next chapter of raising our three kids here.

Both of us had significant spiritual encounters growing up and when we got together it was one of our shared values to follow Jesus in community. We’ve done 20 years plus in ministry, so gathering a spiritual community has happened organically with our move back to York and the desire to continue to live and love like Jesus with others who want to do the same.

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The Table & Temple Blog.

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If you've made it this far you're you may well have questions or are curious about the journey. Why not reach out for a conversation? We'd love to hear from you.

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